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Mad Gravity
Saturday, May 27, 2pm; Wednesday, May 31, 6:30pm

Mad Gravity

by William Missouri Downs

Directed by Justina Kenyon - email
Stage Manager - TBA

Auditions: Saturday, May 27, 2pm. Wednesday, May 31, 6:30pm.

Performances: August 11-12-13 and 18-19-20

A couple couldn't have more different parents: One are a conservative, middle-class couple, while the other are performance artists who have built a theater right in their living room. When the parents meet for the first time, the conservative ones find themselves as stars in the artist's latest play. But news of a comet heading straight toward Earth changes everything and the hilarity just takes off from there.

2 men and 3 women

Show Opening
One Night in the Valley
Friday, June 3, 7:30pm

One Night in the Valley

by Tony Sportiello

Directed by Diane Chamberlain - email
Stage Manager - Marilyn Malmquist
Lights/Sound - Jim Heidenreich

Performances: June 2-3-4 and 9-10-11

By the same writer of "Second Chance", which we presented a few years ago, Tony Sportiello gives us three intriguing stories: A has-been opera star, a couple who realize they've just been accidentally married, and an burglar who's been caught by the homeowner… Three seemingly unrelated events playing out at the same time have one thing in common, and that's the secret for you to figure out!

Janet - Bettina Abrams
Jake - Will Giblin
Nathan - Gary Jesseman
Rick - Miles Conklin
Sharon - MaryAnn Stanford
Scott - Ken Hullican
Maggie - Emily Kuvin

Show times are 7:30pm on Friday and Saturday with a matinee at 4pm on Sunday.


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Board of Directors

Gloria Heidenreich - President
email Gloria
Sheila Kaplow - Vice President
email Sheila
Athene Chadwick - Secretary
email Athene
Joan Cooke - Treasurer
email Joan
Jim Heidenreich - Publicity
email Jim
Scott Johnson - Librarian/Historian
email Scott
Brendon Chadwick - At Large
email Brendon
Dee Chamberlain - At Large
email Dee
Anne Foldeak - At Large
email Anne
Justina Kenyon - At Large
email Justina
Melissa Mann - At Large
email Melissa

Welcome to our 2017 season! Check our shows page for information on auditions, casting, rehearsal and performance dates.

Show times are 7:30pm on Friday and Saturday with a matinee at 4pm on Sunday.

Old Church Theater has presented over 30 years of summer productions geared for family entertainment. The actors are local residents from various backgrounds and some have gone on to make a career in the theater world. The theater is open to anyone wishing to act, direct, work backstage, help with set design, ticket sales and more!

We love to share our knowledge about theater craft and invite you to come and share in the fun and work, meet new friends and learn a bit about community theater.


Old Church Theater is now a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) corporation. It has taken us a year to get there. What does this mean to you?

The biggest change for our patrons and supporters is that any gifts or donations you make to Old Church Theater can be tax deductible (depending on your tax status - consult your accountant or tax preparer). If you are interested in donating, please contact us. You may make an unrestricted donation or you may specify a restricted purpose for your donation. Ask us how!

It also means that we are now eligible to apply for grants and other funding sources that were not available to us before. So we'll be tackling projects that were beyond our means until now.

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