Casting just finished up for our upcoming show, Sleeping Indoors. For updates about future auditions, please follow our facebook page

We have a few spots left for the workshops! Contact us if you would like more information! Or email directly: [email protected]

Up for a theatrical adventure without a big time commitment?  Give PRESTO a try–Prearranged Sudden Theatre Opportunity.  We meet, we rehearse, we perform the show…all in a single day!  No need to worry about memorizing lines or complicated movements.   Whether you’re a seasoned performer or have never been in a show before, this experience is designed to be fun and fulfilling. If you’re willing to try something new and get in front of an audience, PRESTO inventor and leader Alan Haehnel will take care of the rest.  With its unique mix of improvisation, performance poetry and music, PRESTO is sure to fascinate both performers and audience members alike.  Come be part of this brand-new, grand stage experiment!