Board Member Expectations Policy

to be voted on at 2022 Annual Meeting

Proposed expectations of the OCT Board, Officers, and Committees
~Will require a member vote to update the bylaws or be removed from the bylaws, in part or in whole

Old Church Theater Board Member Expectations Policy

Board members are elected to serve two-year terms. All Board members are expected to participate in meetings and other theater activities, including attending and/or participating in all special OCT events.

OCT recognizes that commitments outside of OCT may conflict with OCT-related duties. OCT expects that communication with the Board is proactive, and if the need for a temporary sabbatical from Board-
related duties arises, the member should notify the President in writing. If it is the President needing a sabbatical, they must notify the Vice President, who will temporarily assume presidential duties.

(A sabbatical is defined as a period when a Board member temporarily steps away from all Board-related duties/responsibilities for a period of one or more months.)

Each Board member will be assigned a role at the first Board meeting after the annual meeting elections are held. The roles and duties listed below are a general list of expectations, and it is understood that an
individual’s talents may vary, so some tasks may be reassigned to other positions. The Board functions as a team.



  1. Preside at Board meetings, annual meetings, and special meetings
  2. Serve as a liaison to the general community outside of OCT
  3. May conduct non-financial correspondence on behalf of OCT
    a. Share ownership/management of e-mail with the Vice President
  4. Set agenda for meetings, and send to Secretary
  5. Ensure at least one Board member serves on each of the Standing Committees
  6. Hold awareness conversations with Board members who are in violation of the Code of Conduct
  7. Sign documents on behalf of OCT
  8. Ensure that the Treasurer and at least two other Board members have access to and control of the OCT bank account and safety deposit box

Vice President

  1. Act for and as President in the President’s absence
  2. Maintain a list of OCT members
  3. Share responsibility of managing info e-mail with President
  4. Sign documents on behalf of OCT in the absence of, or at the direction of, the President


  1. Maintain all financial reports and records
  2. Pay bills and other financial obligations
  3. Conduct all financial correspondence
  4. Report on financial status of OCT at every Board meeting, annual meeting, and when
  5. Receive and disburse monies on behalf of OCT
  6. Assist Board in setting budgets for committees, events, and shows


  1. Send out agenda for all Board meetings
  2. Take and maintain minutes of all Board meetings and annual meetings, distribute to the
  3. Provide notice of all meetings


The following committees are necessary for the running of the theater, and all Board members shall participate in one or more committees.
Standing Committees:

Fundraising Committee

  1. Brainstorm ideas for raising funds for operations and restoration
  2. Plan and coordinate fundraising efforts, events, and drives
  3. Create fundraising goals for the short term, as well as future planning
  4. Manage grant procurement and town funding
  5. Conduct ad sales, to include sending invoices for all ads sold

Technical Committee

  1. Maintain and supervise the use of lighting and sound equipment
  2. Supervise set construction and advise design
  3. Advise and support technical aspects of each production
  4. Train new users on sound, lighting equipment use, and set construction
  5. Create/maintain “How to Manual” for tech-related tasks
  6. Manage hosting and maintenance for OCT website
  7. Maintain OCT database
  8. Manage document storage
  9. Assign Board e-mail addresses

Public Relations Committee

  1. Organize publicity for all productions and public activities
    a. Press releases for shows and events
  2. Select and prioritize existing events in the community for OCT participation
    a. Trunk or Treat, Midnight Madness, Bradford parades
  3. Customer appreciation
  4. Create opportunities for OCT to host in/for the community in new and unique ways
  5. E-mail to members or general list regarding all season and special event topics
  6. Social media presence
    a. Listserv postings for all theater-related events and shows
  7. Ensuring events and shows are on OCT and area calendars
  8. Newspaper and/or radio ads for all shows and events
  9. Manage content for OCT website
  10. Assign Board e-mail addresses
  11. Coordinate with Producer and Director for poster design and distribution
  12. Coordinate with Producer and Director for head shots and bios

Other Entities and Duties:


  1. Ensure directors understand and comply with the guidelines for directing a show
  2. Assign mentors for new directors
  3. Liaison with Board for non-Board member directors
  4. Liaison with Board for House Manager
  5. Should not be the director or an actor in the show they are producing
  6. Can be the House Manager or a stage manager for the show they are producing
  7. Does not have to be a Board member
  8. Oversee playbill content and production


  1. Order, keep, and maintain all scripts and licensing rights
  2. Ensure new performances are documented for the OCT historical record
  3. Maintain ongoing history of OCT, to include posters, programs, photos, news releases,
    and reviews

Volunteer Coordinator

  1. Recruit and cultivate members for volunteering for various OCT positions
  2. Coordinate with Technical Committee to ensure volunteers are entered into the database
  3. Provide House Manager with list of volunteers interested in box office or ushering
  4. Coordinate a volunteer appreciation event

Script Reading/Programming Committee

  1. Research and review scripts for Board consideration for future seasons
  2. Propose other OCT programming events