With This Ring

By Joe Simonelli

Directed by Sheila Kaplow

Auditions: August 18th & 19th @ 2pm, Location TBD
Performances: October 19-20-21 and 26-27-28

The story of a ring and those who owned it, cherished it, lost it and found it over a period of eighty years.
It is also the story of an apartment, the people who lived and loved in it, and how it changed from decade to decade with the passage of time and the fortunes of its owners.
This play has humor, drama, some mystery and even an unexpected ending.

• Bridgette – Female, Mid-30’s, Irish accent
• Sean – Male, mid-to-late-30’s, Irish accent
• Joe – Male, late-20’s
• Matty – Female, mid-to-late-20’s
• Frankie – Male, late teens
• Karen – Female, mid-40’s
• Paul – Male, mid-40’s
• Bobby – Male, late-20’s
• Liz – Female, mid-to-late-20’s
• Aunt Matilda – Female, mid-60’s. Might be played by the actress who plays Matty?!
• Some doubling of roles is possible