Witch of Love

Show Dates: February 14, 15, 16 & 21, 22, 23

Directed by Marcela Williamson

Written by local playwright Kristin Rose


CLAIRE: Young to middle aged woman. Talented, attractive, good- hearted. Style of dress a balance of fashionable and comfortable/tasteful. Manager of a spa.

AMELIA / EMILIO: Claire’s “best friend.” Energetic, clever, thrives on drama. An enabler and a gossip. Highly fashionable. A woman or a gay man (played as a credible character, not a caricature). Uses a lot of hand gestures while talking.

Claire’s AUNT IVY: Elderly woman. Kindly, eccentric. Style of dress is highly feminine, colorful, old fashioned, comfortable, unglamorous.

MARY (Mary Rose): Young to middle aged woman. Could be attractive or plain, of any body type, any style of dress, as what she looks like is essentially irrelevant. Lacking in self-esteem. Distraught over being dumped by her boyfriend.

RICHARD: Young to middle aged man. Personable, intelligent, well dressed. A lonely pianist.

WOMAN’S VOICE ON THE PHONE: Voice of an unseen young woman, calling for advice about a marriage proposal.