adapted by Melissa Mann

Directed by Melissa Mann

Auditions: April 6th @ 6:00pm & April 7th @ 4:00pm, Location TBD
Performances: July 6-7-8 and 13-14-15

The stepmothers of Cinderella, Hansel & Gretel, and Snow White have put up with the one-sided, unattractive stories told about them for long enough! Now Hilda, Gretchen and Rose are going to take things in hand and tell their sides of the stories. Join us for a fun-filled, family friendly musical about the Stepmothers!

• Hilda – Female, late-30’s-50’s, The mother of Brenna and Kirsten, and stepmother of Cinderella
• Gretchen – Female, mid-30’s-50’s, Wife of Jacob, and Stepmother of Hansel and Gretel
• Rose – Female, mid-30’s-50’s, Mother of Snow White
• Barry Grimm – Male, (age not important), Author of the stories of Cinderella, Hansel & Gretel, and Snow White
• Cinderella – Female, late teens-20’s
• Brenna – Female, late teens-20’s, One of Cinderella’s step-sisters
• Kirsten – Female, late teens-20’s, The other of Cinderella’s step-sisters
• Fairy Godmother – Female, (age not important)
• King Rufus – Male, late-30’s-50’s, King of the Realm and Prince Charlemagne’s father
• Prince Charlemagne – Male, late teens-20’s, The catch of the kingdom, but likes cars more than he likes girls
• Jacob – Male, 40’s-50’s, A German woodsman and father of Hansel & Gretel
• Hansel – Male, teens-20’s
• Martin – Male, teens-20’s, Friend of Hansel
• Gretel – Female, preteen-20’s
• Ingrid – Female, preteen-20’s, Friend of Gretel
• Snow White – Female, mid-late-20’s
• Hunter – Male, late-20’s-early 30s’s, Father of Faith, Hope and Patience, and member of the King’s Council
• Faith, Hope and Patience – Female or Male, 5-8 years old, but will be played by actors who are 9-12 who can play younger children, Children of Hunter (If boys are selected for any of these roles, their names will be Henry, Will or Matthew)
• Some doubling of roles is possible