Squish & The Holding

squish and the holding poster

Performances: August 10-11-12 and 17-18-19

These are two one-act plays that really captured our attention: In THE HOLDING, three people awake in a holding cell to be told only one person will live. The tension mounts as the aid worker, the swindler and the killer are fed snippets of information about each other, as they try to be the only one who is allowed to live. Directed by Chris Leary.

In SQUISH, we have a story about three obsessional sisters dealing with their mother’s death, even as a pet bug steals the show! Directed by Eli Hunt.


Dark Comedy
by Marianne Harding
Directed by Eli Hunt


by Dan Weatherer
Directed by  Chris Leary

Cast (Squish):

  • Francie – Carrie Anne Quinn
  • Cal – Emma Steincross
  • Angel – Barbara Swantak
  • Roger (a bug) – Himself

Cast (The Holding):

  • Sophia – Meghan Bullard
  • Tony – Anthony Helm
  • Facility Director – Anthony Helm
  • Anna – Barbara Swantak
Cast of Squish and The Holding (back row, left to right): Directors Chris Leary and Eli Hunt (front row, left to right) Meghan Bullard, Carrie Anne Quinn, Barbara Swantak, Emma Steincross, Anthony Helm