As Long as We Both Shall Live

Comedy/Murder Mystery
by Sean Grennan

Directed by Athene Chadwick & Ken Hullican

Auditions: TBD
Performances: September 14-15-16 and 21-22-23

Quirky genius Addison Ashe has finally met a man who can keep up with her — the wealthy and charming Jamie Wilcox. But marrying Jamie means wrangling with his disapproving mother, as well as her favorite over-the-top wedding planner, Raul. When Raul is poisoned at the rehearsal dinner, tensions between the clever bride and her mother-in-law-to-be go from heated to full-on inferno when Mrs. Wilcox points to Addison as the killer. Can Addison solve the case before sashaying down the aisle, or is she in for a honeymoon behind bars?

• Addison Ashe – Female, late 20’s early 30’s, Likeable, smart and quirky.
• Jamie Wilcox – Male, 30’s, Becoming engaged to Addison is the most spontaneous thing he has ever done.
• Mrs. Wilcox – Female, 50’s, Jamie’s mother. Rich, Aloof and snooty.
• Raul Montalban – Male, any age, Wedding planner — Flashy and demonstrative. Has a Spanish accent.
• Lieutenant Dobbs – Played by the same actor who plays Raul.
• Paul – Raul’s evil twin (played by the same actor who plays Raul).
• Dennis – Raul and Paul’s evil TRIPLET! (you got it … Played by the same actor who plays Raul).
• Rev. Mountain – Male, 20’s – 30’s, Pastor who presides over the wedding. He is filling in and is out of his element …