Alice in Wonderland

Alice in wonderland poster

Show Dates: August 13, 14, 15 & 20, 21, 22

Directed by Robin Keith & Melissa Mann

Written by Lewis Carroll

Adapted by William Glennon

This new version is so close to the original in intention and feeling that you might suspect that Carroll himself had written it. And yet, it includes many unusual and imaginative staging devices. A group of performers seeks out Alice in order to provide “her turn” in Wonderland. And, as her adventure unfolds, they play the many characters she encounters and grows to love. A joy to see and hear.


  • Alice – Lara van Wyk
  • White Rabbit – Michael Fernandez
  • The Mouse – Retha van Wyk
  • Fish Footman – Dusty Carter
  • Frog Footman – Sophia Sanborn
  • The Duchess – Anne Foldeak
  • The Cook – Devlyn Foldeak
  • The Cheshire Cat – Lillie Kelley
  • March Hare – Sophia Sanborn
  • Dormouse – Elle Keith
  • The Hatter – Meghan Bullard
  • King of Hearts – Doug Coughlin
  • Queen of Hearts – Carrie Anne Quinn
  • Knave of Hearts – Brynne Foldeak
  • The Gryphon – Elle Keith
  • Mock Turtle – Chris Leary
  • Jury Member 1 – Robin Keith
  • Jury Member 2 – Retha van Wyk
  • Jury Member 3 – Chris Leary
Back row, from left to right: Douglas Coughlin, Chris Leary, Michael Fernandez, Melissa Mann (director), Lara van Wyk, Robin Keith; Center row, from left to right: Elle Keith, Anne Foldeak, Retha van Wyk; Front row, from left to right: Devlyn Foldeak, Carrie Anne Quinn, Meghan Bullard, Sophia Sanborn, Brynne Foldeak, Lillie Kelley, Dusty Carter